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Marking a milestone in the heritage sector's recovery

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Partners and pioneers – building back after the pandemic

A farmer and his dogs on Hill Gill Farm. Credit: Natural England

Farmers at heart of groundbreaking nature recovery project



Nomad: exploring Somali nomadic culture

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Telling the stories of LGBT+ Migrants in Britain

Rainbow Pilgrims: The Rites and Passages of LGBT+ Migrants in Britain
People at Stonehenge

Historic landscapes and mental health at Stonehenge

Human Henge: historic landscapes and mental health at Stonehenge


Recording the memories of London cab drivers


David Lemm's workshop at Tollcross Primary, 2015

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Family volunteers caring for trees in the Native Tree Trail

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Children playing at Auckland Castle


Getting people to talk about your project is a great way of letting people know what you are doing with your grant. It also shows everyone how National Lottery players' money is being used.